Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Review: Rockets of Awesome

Greetings, Fanatics!

I was recently going through the products that Facebook's algorithm has selected for me and came across a styling service for kids; Rockets of Awesome. The idea behind Rockets of Awesome is that you won't need to go out shopping for your growing child every season; they send a box 4 times a year at the beginning of each season and tailor it to your child's size, fashion preferences, and the corresponding weather/season. Much like any other style subscription, Rockets of Awesome is a neat little service that asks you to fill out a questionnaire of your fashion preferences and then sends you a personalized box full of things that you can decide to keep or send back. The items that you keep are charged to your credit card (which you provide at sign up) and you mail any of the clothes that you decide aren't for you(r child) in the included envelope. My favorite part of this service is that it's free, excluding the clothes you buy!  Shipping is free both ways and there's no sneaky stylist fee per box.

 Last week, we received Isaac's first box.

  I was ecstatic to see this cute box waiting for me on the patio - it was so much bigger than I anticipated. Isaac was napping, so I decided to peek inside.

Everything was extremely cute. As in, I was giddy going through all of the clothes. Both Aaron and I are not a fan of graphic tees.  As a result, Isaac's wardrobe is a little plain. A little sad. These clothes were bright, almost fashionably grown-up in how minimalist and subtle it was in the design, but still incredibly playful. All of the clothes had clothing tags marked with Rockets of Awesome, so I'm guessing these are all designed in-house by them. Our box came with a pair of sunglasses, 7 shirts, and 4 pairs of shorts and out of these, I picked 6 favorites.

We only ended up getting 2 items this time, a pair of shorts and one of the polos. Although the clothes were incredibly cute and seemed very high quality, the price was a little bit of a con for me - each piece averaging to be about $17 each. Maybe because Aaron and I are not particularly fans of summer fashion or maybe because being native Houstonians we know that summer clothes (especially for kids) need to be chosen carefully with the swamp humidity, sweat, and sun bleaching in mind. Isaac is also at this weird in-between size where some of the pieces were much too big and some of them fit just right, maybe on the slightly snug size - which isn't ideal with how random his growth spurts are.

Returning the clothes we decided not to buy was really easy - I just packed up the refolded clothes into the included shipping bag, stuck on the prepaid label, and dropped it into a postal box. The shipping box that everything came in was really fun on the inside and made a great coloring project for Isaac.

A great cat bed too.

Overall, I'm thrilled that there's finally a children's style box that catches my interest. Besides my love of getting mail, I really appreciate the increase in attention to children's fashion in the past few years and with how excited I was over seeing the summer box, I can't wait to see the fall edition. If you have a child that you love to dress up like a doll (cough) or a fashion forward kid who loves getting mail (COUGH), I really recommend giving Rockets of Awesome a try.

Until next time,
stay Fanatic,

(while we're not affiliated with Rockets of Awesome, by purchasing something through the link to them on this page, you get a free item and we do too!)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy 2017

Greetings Fanatics!

I haven't seen you since early November, which means that we've been silent for about 6 months. Winter this past year was too nice to pass up staying busy and I feel like it's appropriate that I usually start posting in the spring after a hiatus. Dormant seeds springing up when it's warm and wet out.

Anyway. There is lots to update you about: new pets, new stuff, new things that we're up to.

Sister Hannah's autumnal bounty of cats produced one fruit for this family's benefit, in the form of a black kitten named Black Philip. He has grown, in the last few months, from being a very bad kitten with a penchant for leaping on my back with claws out to a mostly good young cat that doubles as a bug eater and escape artist.
Last month, we acquired Isaac's first pets, a pair of male gerbils named Sunee (Sunny) and Conee (Coney). They reside in a 20 (?[Correct me, Aaron]) gallon aquarium with a mesh lid and dig tunnels in the coconut substrate that Aaron, the friend of all animals, filled their home with in order to more emulate their natural environment. They're fun to watch.

I've slowed down on plush making for the time being, only having made one custom plush this year so far. I've been focusing on my new job as a freelance online content writer, a job that takes no creativity, only technical skill and a willingness to write. It pays more consistently than plush making does and gives my creativity a chance to rest and recuperate after 2016's push to make as many new toys as I could. As a result, we also skipped Houston's Comicpalooza for the first time in 4 years; besides the waning sales last year, I didn't feel up to the plush rush. An impromptu trip to Austin for Mother's Day took its place.
I've been focused on art as my creative outlet lately, a new zine series in the work - its progress will be shared occasionally on this blog.

Aaron's been up to the usual, collecting bugs and making pixel art and making big, beautiful terrariums. I'm trying to goad him to do more posts this year, or at least consulting with him so that I may make more nature related posts.

That's all for now, I may start writing shorter posts more frequently in lieu of my usually formatted posts. There will still be reviews and party posts, but a lot more rambling as well.

Until next time, stay Fanatic,

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween Hangover

Greetings Fanatics!

How was your Halloween? As you probably know, October is the most active month for we three Fanatics and as such the blog suffers. November has rolled around and now it's time to discuss what we were up to and what the rest of the calendar year holds.

On the 16th, we decided to knock a bunch of stuff off of our Autumn Fun List and visit a pumpkin patch. Originally, we planned on visiting Froberg's Farm in Alvin but when we found out that Froberg's pumpkins are only available to purchase in a box in their market, we decided to visit The Old Time Christmas Tree Farm in Spring instead. Joining us for this adventure was Grandpa Comparetto and sister Hannah.